Joaquín Torres-García at the MNAC

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, 2010 to 2011

“The presentation of this space dedicated to Joaquín Torres-García makes an important contribution to the critical discourse of the MNAC, which already owns a small but excellent sample of his work. The one year loan of the collection of Alejandra, Aurelio and Claudio Torres gives the Museum a magnificent opportunity to display the full evolution of the trajectory of this artist. Torres was essential to the formation of Noucentisme, an ambitious civic and cultural project the goal of which was to make Catalonia the voice of Mediterranean cultural tradition. The role of Torres as the leader of an artistic project steeped in a renewed vision of classic tradition yet grounded in an ideal aesthetic and balanced in modernity, has been crucial to its success, and Catalonia has responded with enthusiasm. The space we present today is the result of bonds established between museum institutions and collectors, bonds that frequently give rise to serious and rigorous undertakings, which enhance knowledge of art and contribute to the heritage of a country. The lenders of these works have contributed not only with the loan of the collection, an excellent representation of the Uruguayan- Catalan artist, but also with their commitment to studying the life of the artist. Their commitment accords with the respect they show towards the work of their grandfather. They have put forward evidence of the lasting effects of the Catalan culture, which the artist continued to manifest throughout his career, even when far from this country. The Catalan substrate persists even in his last work.”

Maria Teresa Ocaña i Gomà, Director of the MNAC.


“There’s substance and gravity to the Torres-García exhibition space, it’s back to back with Pablo Picasso and adjacent to the sculptures of Pablo Gargallo and Juli González.”

Joan Foguet, EL PAIS.

“In plastic expression, the 20th century has been a golden century for Catalonia.”

Joan Manuel Tresserras, Minister of Culture and Media of Catalonia.