Museu Picasso de Barcelona, 2003 to 2004

“The Museu Picasso of Barcelona is once again grateful to present an exhibition with the work of an artist contemporary to Pablo Picasso. The work of the Museum is doubly justified in this case, for with Joaquín Torres-García they shared, beyond the movements that configured the agitated world of the plastic arts at the beginning of the twentieth century, the scenery of a city, the Barcelona that palpitates submerged in the creative fever at the origin of the Vanguards.

The Beaux Arts Academy, the Cercle Artistic de Sant Llue, the Quatre Gats, the Dalmau galleries, the magazine Pel & Ploma… are some of the scenes frequented by Joaquín Torres-García, and from where a large part of Barcelona’s plastic transformation at the change of the Century was conceived. In fact, even though Joaquín Torres-García was born in Uruguay, we can say that his artistic birth ocurred in Barcelona, and here was where he founded his career as an artist passionate about his work, and the formalistic and deep problems it presented. Painting, designing toys, also theory, philosophy, didactic art, and the pedagogic task of an artist centralized his trajectory.

Maybe for these reasons, because the realization of a work of art was for him as important as the search of its essence, the work of Joaquín Torres-García is -citing the Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro – ‘Extraordinary forcefully due to its simplicity, of not searching for the exceptional but the simple, the essential, the first word of the human eye.'”

Ferran Mascarell i Canalda, Minister of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia.


“A richness that opens the doors to modernity, enthroning Torres-García in the intellectual circles that would define the new direction of culture and of Catalan art, of which he becomes the theorist in the context of a return to classicism; Noucentisme.”

Maria Teresa Ocaña i Gomà, director Museu Picasso.

“The Torres-García exhibition incites us to direct our attention to that moment, at the beginning of the XX Century, especially between the Tragic Week and the First World War, were Catalonia embarks in an ambitious civic, cultural and political program to self define the essence of Catalan idiosyncrasy, and from were Torres-García acted as enthusiastic conductor of the artistic domain.”

Joan Clos, Mayor of Barcelona.